Update the camera's firmware and the smart phone app to the latest versions before using this product.

Download the SHIMANO CAMERA APP here.
  • FIRMWARE VERSION 1.2.1(2015/12/7)

    • Now compatible with SHIMANO CAMERA APP Version 1.3.1.
    • Audio can now be turned ON/OFF during video previews.
    • Auto power off function can now be turned ON/OFF.
    • Wheel size setting range increased to 900mm-2500mm.
    • Now compatible with iOS 9.1.
  • FIRMWARE VERSION 1.2.0(2015/7/10)

    • Now compatible with SHIMANO CAMERA APP Version 1.3.0.
    • It is now possible to turn on the camera, connect it to a smart phone and change camera settings etc., even when a memory card has not ben inserted.
    • Smart phone application can be used even when the camera's Wi-Fi is not connected.
    • Wi-Fi with the camera remains connected even when the smart phone application is running in the background.
    • New video modes. A comparison of video modes is here.
      HD (1280 x 720): 60fps/30fps has been added.
      WQVGA (640 x 360): 120fps/60fps/30fps has been added.
    • 135° as the default angle of view (180° available as an option). A comparison of angle of views is here.
    • Lamp (left) for indicating charging status has been changed.
      Version 1.3.0 / Charging in progress: Flashes yellow, Charging complete: Lights up green.
      Old version / Charging in progress: Flashes red, Charging complete: Turns off.
    • Connect wireless unit SM-EWW01 to the camera, and use the remote switch of ST-9070 to start and stop recording.
      Double click right switch: Start recording.
      Double click left switch: Stop recording.
    • Preview videos with audio.
    • New function for calibrating crank-based power meter data.
    • New mirror image mode for Live View.
    • New help manual function.



  • Read all of the following instructions before updating the firmware.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions below when updating the firmware.
  • The camera will stop working if its battery dies during firmware update.
    Be sure to fully charge the camera battery before updating the firmware.
  • Make sure that the Micro SD card has at least 12MB of memory.


  • ① Insert the Micro SD card into the card reader.
  • ② Download the firmware here.
  • ③ Double-click the downloaded file "" to self-extract and display the file "UPDATE.bin".
  • ④ Copy the "UPDATE.bin" file you created in step ③ to the root directory of the Micro SD card you inserted in step ①.


  • ① Insert the Micro SD card into the CM-1000 SHIMANO SPORT CAMERA. Note: If the CM-1000 battery level is low, please recharge the battery before updating.
  • ② With the Micro SD card inserted, start the camera by pressing either the Record button or the MODE/Wi-Fi button.
  • ③ The firmware will automatically begin updating when the camera starts.
    During firmware update, the LED light on the right side of the camera will blink green. The firmware update will take about 15 seconds.
    During updates (while the LED is flashing), do not pull out the SD card and do not perform any button operations on the camera.
    Note: If the LED light is still flashing after 30 seconds, the update may not have been properly completed due to insufficient battery charge.
    In this case, press and hold the MODE and Record buttons simultaneously until the LED lights turns off.
    Fully charge the camera. After that, again hold down the mode switch and REC buttons at the same time, reset the camera and update.
  • ④ Make sure that the LED light on the right side is off.
  • ⑤ This completes the firmware update. When the update is completed, the camera will turn off.
    If the firmware update has been properly completed, the file "UPDATE.bin" will automatically be deleted from the root directory of the Micro SD card.
    The Wi-Fi-setting password will also return to the default setting. For details on the initial password, refer to the following link.